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2014 Trends in Evening Dresses

Le 26 June 2015, 03:34 dans Humeurs 0

If there is an expression that defines trends in 2014 that evening dresses are concerned, that is " elegant luxury." Designers this season forget color palettes , textures, shapes , cuts and other innovations that we have been offering in recent seasons and focus on more traditional styles .

An high collar evening dress is meant only to highlight the curves of the female body , making them more alluring and tempting . By 2014 , evening dresses emphasize the chest , hips and waist, with deep cuts and open shoulders that expose the neck and eyes focus more in the chest area . This is what we can expect for this evening dresses 2014 that just started.

2014 Trends in Evening
Elegant, noble colors , no acids and bright colors in the collections of evening dresses 2014 , tending to colors like purple, red , blue or green. The traditional black and white , which are further strengthened in 2014 trends in evening dresses are not left out.

Pleats , drapes and folds designs take center stage in 2014. Evening Dresses In 2014 we will see how different designers seek solutions with various experiments focused on these techniques .

2014 Trends in Evening : folds
The folds will see much during 2014.
In the picture, a drawing of Calvin Klein in which , in addition to folds , attention in the shoulders and chest centers , as we shall see below ...

Spotlight on the shoulders and upper chest
The deep V-shaped cuts are no longer the only way to focus on the chest, now also adjusted the neck and leave bare shoulders . But how V is still the favorite choice of many women, some designers have created some variations of this form to update a little.
Among the trends 2014 will see is another creation which has been called "False naked " in that at first glance it seems that the upper chest is almost bare , but at a closer look you can see transparent fabric , or almost , which is responsible for covering that area. This is to combine the two main trends : let the shoulders to the eye and focus the eyes on the chest.

Stripes and stuffed

Another trend in evening dresses 2014 is the use of stripes and ruffles that give the dress a more romantic air. Some designers have opted for the use of decorative stripes while others have opted to replace them with luxury accessories that enhance the dress, but the dress remaining romantic effect .

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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Le 23 June 2015, 03:48 dans Humeurs 0

It is said that " there are no longer the stars of the past" and that "there are more kinds " and " all things were made ." But it would be more correct to think of the stage of perpetual revival in which we seem to see us as a precious moment of introspection necessary to move from one era to another ? That, at least , is what emerges from the collaboration between the first superstar of the new millennium , Lady Gaga, and the last crooners of the old world , Tony Bennett , co-authors of one of the disks revelation of the year : Cheek to cheek .

Sixty years of each other - he 88 , she 28 - to join them are the origins and the Italian passion for jazz. Among the oldest and most universal musical genres , jazz is infused with a contemporary sensibility , while always remaining true to himself.

As Bennett after all, a gentleman of another era, 70 discs in assets, the depositary of that ancient tradition of singing which are historical representatives Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Like other large , Bennett already had a large group of collaborations, many of which are collected in two duets album . In Playing with my friends : Bennett Sings the Blues (2001) alongside R'n'B and jazz icons as Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Billy Joel, BB King and Ray Charles. In Duets II (2011 ), however, his voice the bride Amy Winehouse , Michael Buble , Aretha Franklin , Mariah Carey , Andrea Bocelli and Lady Gaga, of course .

At a charity concert in which both participated Bennett was struck by her voice and personality , but above all by the heat of his audience : how to flattery , admittedly , there is no crooner that bears comparison with a pop icon ! From cocktails backstage at the recording studio , the step was short . The result was The Lady is a Tramp , song of 1937 that makes fun of high society in New York City Fiorello La Guardia. Excited about the duet , Bennett called Gaga a true " jazz lady " . The piece won the favor with audiences and critics , and the two decided to continue the joint venture which led , after several months of operation, with a Cheek to cheek . This is an album of covers of classics drawn from the Great American Songbook, the selection of reference of the most popular folk songs born between Broadway and Hollywood from the twenties to the fifties. The pieces chosen by Bennett and Gaga - Cole Porter , Irving Berlin , Jerome Kern - are humorous duet between man and woman, in alternate phases of courtship. Some were originally composed for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. " Think of what you 're losing by Constantly Refusing to dance with me ," sings Gaga / Ginger on I will not dance . " My heart will not let my feet do things they Should do ," answered Bennett / Astaire .

The tour (which currently does not have an official schedule , but which has just been announced a grandiose concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London on June 8, 2015,burgundy cocktail dress (, ed) was inaugurated by an extraordinary spectacle behind closed doors at Lincoln Center New York , last July. Set in a spectacular twilight by Robert Wilson , minimal as it is mysterious , the pair has performed with an orchestra of thirty-nine elements in front of an audience of art students from different public schools in the city . The choice of this particular audience was born from a desire to educate young people in a form of entertainment that some are not used , because of age and culture, but thanks to Gaga may find it easier to approach . Live and visual material accompanying the disc , the pop star shows off the most secret gifts from changeable and mixes styles and fashions of the past as only she can do , freeing the ghosts of the stars who have made the history of the musical .

On the stage of Lincoln Center we have seen now wrapped in a red leather suit , soulful style seventies, now in the role of a flapper twenties , complete with a headdress of gold filigree , now in long dress , hairstyle half between Siouxsie and Cruella De Vil , strictly in black . Tired image " larger than life" associated with previous collaborations - with artists such as Jeff Koons and Francesco Vezzoli , and fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott - Gaga has strongly wanted this record, a distinct phase of his career , when after having a hard time felt the need to search for his identity " mortality " , and the innocence of that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is that we never knew .

" When I sing in the studio with Tony my childhood I unfold before your eyes ," he says . " I see all those moments when I sang Ella Fitzgerald , my first love when I was a member of the school jazz band ." The collaborations in the world of music, online cocktail dresses , art and entertainment are a growing phenomenon . Sometimes it is " passes the baton" or mere marketing strategies ; in other cases , as in this work responds to the urgent to explore new creative horizons .

Gaga has found a way in this hard to shake off an image that did not recognize . For Bennett , however, and for us listeners , Cheek to cheek is the evidence that certain phenomena of popular culture , even those made redundant as a lighter , it is worth remembering , and that 's crooner , perhaps more than superstars , today we still need .

Evening Dresses For The Big Night

Le 18 June 2015, 04:04 dans Humeurs 0

You will find the concept of an evening dress cheap recorded over the decades in art, literature, music and photography. The dress comes from the phrase "the art of dressing for a party" and its protocols and designs have changed several times over the years. However today hedy , ladies want to look for a dress that will go perfectly and just makes you feel reasonable asymmetrical gowns , but the fun aspect. Here you will find the easiest in hot, new fashions for an evening dress modern, fun and flirty for nights out giants.

Evening dresses for big nights.

For occasions like a huge night girls "out or maybe a dress for a fun vacation, we'll want to look for a flirty, more casual attire. The latest arrivals party dress this season embrace bold colors, styles and floral cap sleeves romantic. Here you will find an inventory of a number of favorites.

Just as our last choice party dress, short dress with beaded skirt Shimmer and the layer can also be used for semi-formal occasions. Traditionally, a semi-formal occasions, any outfit that is less developed, such as a shorter length dress, is more acceptable. This dress is explicit fun and flirty, but with a look more stylish and trendy.

Classic black dresses and perfect Black Party

If you want to emphasize your tan out excellent for a night out or are simply giant want to search that excellent black dress very little, here is the cream of the crop in fun, flirty clothes outside at the time.

For big nights out, why not go all enter the bronze short Beaded Halter Jersey vogue? Similarly, this option look suave and dramatic eye catching, bronze neck halter beads and little game, keyhole detail, and a slimming silhouette to praise any figure.

An additional fun and little 'flirty the classic black dress very little, Stretch fabric dress with bow detail and fashion pockets can prove an ideal decision for any massive night out. Comfy, ingratiatory and versatile, this dress might be a must-have for your wardrobe. This dress shows the saying is all regarding the small print. for example, this suit is equipped with a floor of pasta strap with staple fun detail to allow an extra touch. Moreover, this fashion dress options, pockets facet fashion and textile stretch fabric create this super comfortable elegant fashion. You will love the easy field of study style of this dress, all this just adds to the classic black dress very little.

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